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Global Health Hospital Medicine Fellowship

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About the Global Health Hospital Medicine Fellowship (GHHMF)

The University of Chicago GHHMF is a one or two year global health training program based in the Hospitalist Scholars Training Program. The goal of GHHMF is to train hospitalist scholars to become leaders in care delivery, medical education, and health system strengthening in resource-limited settings. The GHHMF is ideal for graduating residents or early-career hospitalists who anticipate academic careers in global health.

The GHHMF was launched in 2012 under the leadership of director Evan Lyon, MD, in collaboration with partners at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Haiti-based non-governmental organization Partners in Health/Zanmi Lasante (PIH/ZL). GHHMF fellows from University of Chicago and UCSF spend 5-6 months per year working, teaching, and leading quality improvement initiatives at a district-level hospital in Hinche, Haiti. Since its launch, the GHHMF has expanded to encompass other sites, such as Rwanda and central China, where University of Chicago fellows engage in clinical service and capacity building with close faculty mentorship.

The GHHMF is supported by the Section of Hospital Medicine and the Center for Global Health at the University of Chicago.

Structure of the GHHMF

Clinical Service
The GHHMF includes two components of clinical service:

  • Inpatient hospitalist service at the University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC), including a combination of day service and night shifts (3 months per year);
  • Clinical service at a partner site in a resource-limited setting (5-6 months per year):
    • At least one fellow per year will work at a district-level teaching hospital in Hinche, Haiti with Partners in Health/Zanmi Lasante (PIH/ZL).
    • Alternative sites may be arranged on an individual basis.

Global Health Training Opportunities

  • Global Health Hospital Medicine Orientation hosted by UCSF (July)
  • Introduction to Global Health and Social Medicine course in Haiti hosted by Partners in Health (August)
  • UCSF Bootcamp for Global Health Delivery (October)
  • University of Chicago Global Health Week (October)
  • Bimonthly Global Health Working Group meetings (year-long)

Additional Scholarship Opportunities at University of Chicago

  • Fellows may participate in the Summer Program in Outcomes Research Training (SPORT)
  • Fellows with an interest in medical education may participate in Medical Education Research, Innovation, Teaching, and Scholarship (MERITS)
  • Collaboration with the Center for Health and the Social Sciences (CHeSS)
  • Collaboration with the Human Rights Program
  • Collaboration with the MacLean Center for Clinical Research Ethics

Past and Present GHHMF Work

Progress in Haiti
haiti 2_0_0.jpgGHHMF and Partners in Health/Zanmi Lasante (PIH/ZL) work in collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) and the State University of Haiti to run a district-level teaching hospital in Hinche, Haiti. This collaboration has helped recruit a full-time internist to oversee inpatient and outpatient medicine in Hinche, establish daily multidisciplinary teaching rounds, form a quality improvement (QI) committee in Hinche that coordinates with PIH/ZL and national MSPP QI research, drive weekly academic conferences in addition to one-on-one mentorship, and assist on the inpatient teaching service. Current ongoing activities in Hinche include:

  • Clinical hospital medicine and quality improvement initiatives
  • Medical education including weekly academic conferences
  • Chronic disease and post-discharge management initiatives (e.g. CHF, DM, post-stroke)

Past and Present Global Health Fellows

  • Dr. Bijan Ghassemieh worked in Hinche, Haiti during 2012-2013
  • Dr. Tina Gupta worked in Hinche, Haiti during 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 under the mentorship of Dr. Evan Lyon
  • Dr. Rebecca DeBoer worked at the Butaro Cancer Center in northern Rwanda during 2014-2015 under the mentorship of Dr. Funmi Olopade
  • Dr. Jon Lio worked in Wuhan, China with a focus on residency education during 2014-2015 under the mentorship of Dr. Renslow Sherer

GHHMF Faculty

How to Apply

hospital 1_0.jpgPlease visit the Hospitalist Scholars Training Program website to learn about application deadlines and instructions. You may also contact Fellowship Director Evan Lyon, MD, at with any questions.