Active Research Grants

TEACH STRIVES: Spreading Teen-Research Inspired Videos to Engage Schoolmates

PI: Vineet Arora, Department of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Dates: 09/05/2013 – 09/04/2017
Grant #: FP053921
Funder: NIH

Description: Studies suggest that messages that have the potential to change people’s attitudes and behaviors often originate from a trusted peer. This is especially true in teens, who value the opinion of and seek to emulate their peers. While peer pressure is often cast as a negative phenomenon among teens, the use of positive peer pressure to change behavior among teens is gaining in popularity. Positive peer pressure has been used in many youth-to-youth messaging campaigns related to difficult to change behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse or safe sex. Drawing upon these theories for motivating and engaging teens, this proposal aims to test the effectiveness of a novel peer-to-peer social media marketing campaign to spread video vignettes created by teens to inspire other teens to consider careers in clinical research.

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