Active Research Grants


PI: Erin Adams, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dates: 09/01/2014 – 08/31/2019
Grant #: FP057824
Funder: NIH

Description: Three quarters of University of Chicago biomedical PhDs and PhD postdoctoral research trainees do not enter a tenure-track faculty appointment in the 5-10 years post PhD. Still, our training programs have given them little preparation for careers other than those of their mentors. Recognizing that this narrow focus has not served many of our students and postdocs well, we have begun a program to broaden exposure, education, and experiences for these students. This program - CHicago Options-In-Careers Empowerment, or myCHOICE - empowers trainees to select career directions in a more informed and successful way. BEST funding will accelerate the development of myCHOICE offerings at three levels of participation intensity – EXPLORATION, EDUCATION, and EXPERIENCE – and across the full range of careers in which trainees could leverage their strong science backgrounds. We will evaluate the effectiveness of myCHOICE by testing the hypothesis that more extensive participation in myCHOICE predicts greater trainee career choice empowerment and satisfaction with a chosen career. Using the results to optimize myCHOICE offerings, we will also explore whether myCHOICE leads to an improved correlation between the FASEB myIDP Career Fit assessment at training exit and actual career selection. Finally, we will establish a bidirectional dissemination mechanism to share information about myCHOICE within and outside the University,  to learn about other BEST programs, and to incorporate best practices from these programs into myCHOICE. This myCHOICE proposal enjoys extremely strong institutional support and will be continued beyond the funding period if it is successful.

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